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To whom may be reading this, these are the records of the events of the Drider Wars, a long running battle between the forces of a mad demon and a benevolent goddess. However to fully understand the war you understand how the world came to be. Before the first star was born, the Goddess of all things walked amongst the empty void, her visage was the only thing known to the entire void,  each step of her being glistened with a white light, as the tomes tell us. She looked about the expanse of black and with a singular movement she pulled birthed the first star, as the heat from the stars forged the new worlds and the life on them, but a singular world radiated with the raw energy of the birthing, catching the attention of this new mother. Seeing the planet and the mortals beginning to live on it, what was an instant for her was a series of eons for the world, its inhabitants climbing to their penultimate evolutions, beings that were both man and beast, as wise as they were powerful, however they waged war amongst themselves. Slaying each other over petty things such as land and belief. Refusing to let her children kill each other over such minute squabbles she graced the world with her presence it was as if all violence within the mortals had simply vanished.  From this peace the mortals created a society in her name, built on her visage and kindness, but within the hearts of all mortals lay a darkness, a darkness that spawned a being of evil and malice,  known simply as An'haket. His visage was that of the opposite of The Goddess hideous and radiating with a force of evil so pure and finely tuned that he rivalled even the Goddess with his very aura. He stood before her, simply existing was enough to corrupt the darkness within the hearts of the mortals even further, bringing out their darkest fears and making them real, creating monsters.  Beings born of the negative emotions of man, their hatred spawned Devils, their lust spawned Succubi, their deceit spawned Satyrs,  their wrath spawned the mythicals, but most unfortunately their madness spawned the most vile and viscous of monsters, the Driders, a race of half man half spider but the most twisted and mad of them all was so powerful even An'haket was no match for his unbridled insanity. With a simple strike of his leg he sundered the ground, splitting the singular continent into five. The Goddess, seeing this display of madness and power she birthed beings to strike him down and seal his power, the Valkyries. Angels of pure light who were born and empowered by the light in the hearts of mortals, the most powerful Valkyrie was Elysium, whose hair was red like a blaze, her eyes deep blue like the oceans, she was always walking around with the mortals caring for them like a doting mother, fending off the Driders attack until that Mad Drider not only burst through her defences but violently slaughter Elysium in front of those who followed her. Simply stating, “Even her strongest pawn was nothing against me, THE GODDESS HER SELF IS NOTHING TO ME!”
As Elysium's body fell to the ground a brilliant glow came form it as it faded in to eight crystal shards,  as they scattered themselves across the world and time itself.

Lahabre-ha taunted the goddess with his power and ruled over mortals cruelly until a young mortal who was able to not only move the earth with a flick of his wrist but manipulate the very Aether that ran through the world. He was blessed with a fragment of Elysiums power and not only challenged Lahabre-ha but defeated him after a gruelling seven day battle between the two left them both weakened and exhausted before eventually Lahabre-ha fell, cursing the Warrior for not only standing against him but standing in his path to becoming god.  The warrior was named Argus, and after the combat he united his people and granted them mere pieces of his power, allowing them control over the aether just as he had. The world entered a time of peace, days turned to years, years to centuries and although Argus had passed and Lahabre-ha had risen and fallen, bringing forth new heroes to stop him, the cycle of war against the Mad Drider king had began over and over again, four times in total. The world had changed and the once unified nation separated, wars over land and law broke out across all of Seira, until one man, a king stood against all of it and reunited the broken home of this world.  His name was Geralt Arbus Yoko, first of his name and inheritor of one of the four noble houses. With his kindness and wisdom, he brought the wars to an end, settled the squabbles and shared his wealth with those who needed it, but in turn there were those who abused their power, constantly standing against Geralt's peace, erecting a fortress of obsidian as a stronghold for their vile purposes. A century of war ravaged the now barren southern continent, some of the Mythical creatures spawned from mortal Wrath learned compassion and sided with Geralt, finding places in his ranks as solders and as their place in the cities as citizens. As Geralt passed from old age his Son, Andreas Videl Yoko, led his father's crusade making some progress against those who stood against his fathers ideals. But four years into his campaign to save the southern continent, His beloved wife and queen was with child, a daughter with hair of snow and eyes of red, who when born, would lead the Southern War to is near complete victory at the young age of 15. Two weeks before Vera would devise the strategy that would lead her and her fathers campaign to glory the queen sired another child, a son. Like his parents he would be born with the similarities to an Arctic fox, with fur of white and immense cunning, but alas not all things are meant to be pleasant. Shortly after his birth a raid was laid on the castle, lead by Andreas' second in command, Volgus Nacht Weire. The young prince was taken and hidden away raised by, a skilled swords master named An'beria, a close friend to the Yoko throne who taught. Without his parents to give him a name the prince was named by his surrogate. The prince was Named Bryce Valen Yoko, future king and protector of his lands.

An'beria taught Bryce of the suffering and abuse of the poor, while the rich did nothing, trained him in the ways of the Knight, teaching him kindness and respect to his enemies whilst showing no mercy to those who spurned his grace, Bryce became a patient and wise young man but when was finally brought back to House Yoko as the heir to the throne he felt as if he was missing something. He never knew the touch of a woman, the feel of a lover then during his welcoming ceremony something caught his eye, a beautiful woman, who had men falling at her feet, a blacksmith's daughter no less. With his infatuation Bryce sought her out, trying day after day to court her until finally she agreed to one evening with him, an evening to remember. Our Story begins that very night.
Dider Wars: the Flames of Kings
I've finally destroyed my Writers block! After... I dunno 2.5 years. I present to you my final Draft of what will by my Series "Drider Wars", previously titled "Out of the Nightmare". I will be posting the new chapters as they completed until I finally complete the first book I do hope you guys enjoy what I'm putting up. I do hope that the prologue did enough basic world building. Leave any Critiques you may have. 
The way to Meriel 2 by BlackmoreCrest
The way to Meriel 2
Reinhardt made his way to Meriel,  and hopefully he can get some answers.

This was my first time trying to draw my characters teleporting and I'm kind of glad how it turned out, in addition this gives me a chance to display one of Reinhardt's more basic spells, Teleportation. With the basic magic signature of any location, Reinhardt is capable of transporting himself there at the cost of some energy, which can be replenished over time.
The way to Meriel by BlackmoreCrest
The way to Meriel
Reinhardt receives a letter from a mysterious source bearing the seal of a once forgotten nation and it seems  he has taken notice of the kingdom's distress. 

I have had some issues with this page, mainly my tablet being an enormous sack of crap at times but I'm kind of glad with how it came out.
Reinhardt vas Crest by BlackmoreCrest
Reinhardt vas Crest
A Character I've had in the works for some time now. Introducing Reinhardt, wielder of the Claimh (Pronounced: Kly-am)  Nox, the Key of the Shade as well of the Mask of 1000 Faces. 

Lore: A mage in training, he had his fate thrust upon him when his teacher, a powerful Witch of the Royal Court, was accused of killing the king with a poison. Labeled as an colluder, Reinhardt ran from the city and into the ruins of a once forgotten civilization and found not one, but two of their relics, Guarded by a Dragon named Lucrezia who told him that only those who were true of heart could wield them, with a single look Lucrezia stood aside and granted him access to both the relics. Armed with a Shadow that could take the form of anything he wished, a face that let him blend in with a crowd and his magic he would go about finding those who framed him and his teacher and right the wrong placed upon him.


Name: Reinhardt vas Crest
Gender: Male
Race: Seiran (humanoid animal beings of incredible intelligence and strength)
Age: 25 in seiran years (human equivalent esti. 100)
Height: 7 foot, 2 inches
Weight: 190 pounds
Personality: Calm and collected but easily angered.


Disguise: Thanks to the Mask of 1000 faces, Reinhardt is capable of hiding from anyone who may recognize him. The Mask replaces his face with the face of someone completely generic. This can only work of those who do not have enhanced magic sight or who know his true face.

Mage:  Reinhardt is a skilled mage who can manipulate any and all shadows nearby to his will, within limit.

Accurate: Reinhardt is a perfectionist, making him very careful with the measurements and weights of all things he uses, especially his weapons.

Weapons training: Upon gaining the Claimh Nox Lucrezia trained him in the art of war, teaching him how to use each weapon at his disposal. He has a preference for weapons with a reach, such as the War-Ax "Tomahawk", the lance "Spine" and the Scythe " Ravager" (All named by him.)


OCD: Reinhardt gets out of sorts when he messes up summoning a weapon, if its even a bit off in either size, shape or weight it throws him for a loop. 

Long range: Reinhardt prefers to keep his enemies at a distance, which means his weapons are usually mid range reaching a minimum four feet in length.

Catalyst requirement: Reinhardt relies heavily on shadows, without a proper supply of them he can't use most of his spells. (His weapons are spawn from the Black Mark on his Arm and are not actual shadows.)

Reckless: Reinhardt is stupidly reckless, especially when people insult his Teacher.
Map of Seira by BlackmoreCrest
Map of Seira
Finally got a new scanner so now I can start posting the stuff I've populated my sketchbook with, was gunna go with another antagonist but unfortunately some errors had occurred, I've been working the idea of the Geographic layout of Seira for... MONTHS now. finally got it how I like it. despite the colour coding they aren't biomes its to represent different kingdoms and such. 

Big changes

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Your Title - version 2.0


So my Roommates and I had a disagreement, and due to this I am being forced to move out of the building, upside I found a new place in the Northwest part of Calgary, for a bit more than I'm paying now but everything is included and its a purely male household so hopefully I'll be able to get along with my fellow housemates. since my Scanner is still kaput I may have to invest in one, but until then I'll be posting snapshots of my art via camera (And by camera I mean Cellphone).

With Regards


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